Sunday Oct 19 @ 08:09pm

Summer so far.

Sunday Jul 6 @ 01:41pm
Birthday boy!

Birthday boy!

Saturday May 3 @ 06:24pm

Pretty successful weekend getaway.

Sunday Feb 23 @ 05:24pm

I thought there was nothing worse than getting stuck in an elevator for 25 minutes with my dog, but then he started peeing everywhere.  Definitely worse.

Friday Jan 17 @ 06:00pm

That awkward moment when you’re banned from wedding gown shopping with your sister because she was offended by your facial expressions.

Sunday Jan 5 @ 04:11pm

Sunday Dec 8 @ 05:55pm

Everyone I know is getting engaged and I’m just getting drunk.

Saturday Nov 23 @ 07:04pm
Better late than never.

Better late than never.

Sunday Nov 10 @ 09:07pm

Pretty great way to celebrate my 26th birthday.

Sunday Oct 27 @ 10:23pm
Sunday Aug 4 @ 07:06pm
Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Long-Distance Relationship

More like Five Things I Wish I Knew Five Years Ago.

Tuesday Jul 23 @ 07:06pm

It’s my last night alone in the apartment before Tim moves in, so I’m celebrating by not wearing pants and eating dinner in bed.

Friday Mar 29 @ 10:01pm

It’s reached a point where I am too into the Miley Cyrus twerk video.

Saturday Mar 23 @ 10:06am

I guess I had a pretty good valentine this year.

Sunday Feb 17 @ 01:43pm

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